Fully furnished pool villas

From USD150,000

• Private villas and residences
• Five star Eco Luxury
• Lombok, Indonesia's fastest growing paradise
• Construction well underway
• Opening Summer 2024

Design a life of
peaceful intention
and laidback luxury.

Now is the time to live with purpose and nurture your wellbeing in a place of unrelenting and astounding beauty. An escape from routine awaits you at Lobster Bay Lombok, where sustainable luxury and an intuitive awareness of nature inspires each day with a renewed sense of wonder.

Conceived as a conscious, ecologically responsible resort where luxury is imbued with a uniquely nature-focussed perspective and design is elegantly crafted with harmonious intent, Lobster Bay Lombok embodies a laidback opulence unlike any other.

Located on the easily accessible Lombok Island, private boutique villas and residences, all with sweeping vistas of idyllic Lobster Bay, offer a sound investment in one of Indonesia’s most covetable regions.

This is an opportunity to curate a life of simple balance that aligns with an innate respect for nature and community in a location of unspoilt beauty.

Actual view

A rare sanctuary
of untouched and
unrivalled beauty.

Imagine impossibly clear waters gently caressing white-sand beaches and dramatic cliffs encircling bays that sparkle like gemstones. Perhaps one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets, Lombok Island is a jewel of uncommon beauty.

A link in the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, Lombok has largely evaded discovery by the many who visit its easterly neighbour Bali, making it an unspoilt and serene haven of nature and traditional culture.

The island’s enviable surf breaks have long lured keen surfers, yet development has been minimal, enabling Lombok’s laidback island culture to quietly thrive and its beaches and hiking trails to remain delightfully under-the-radar.

Situated on the south-east coast of the island, a short 25-minute drive from Lombok International Airport and away from the main tourist area, Lobster Bay Lombok is set on an idyllic cove fringed on one side by a pristine eco park. Sensitively designed to blend seamlessly into its hillside environment, the resort gazes out over the tranquil bay and Java Sea interrupted only by lush, forested volcanic islands.

It’s a place to pause, exhale and reconnect with nature.


From the peak of Mount Rinjani to the depths of the sea, Lombok Island is enviably endowed with rich flora and fauna. Home to the famous surf breaks of Gerupuk Bay and a boat ride to the diving and snorkelling destination of the Gili Islands, it’s an abundant marine paradise, while the interior of the island is a veritable land of adventure with hikes that lead to tropical forests, ethereal cascading waterfalls and volcanic lakes.

Embrace a life lived in harmony with the gentle rhythm of nature.

Allow yourself to unwind and restore balance at Lobster Bay Lombok. Let the salt dry on your skin, the waves gently ripple over you, and the warm, fragrant evenings revitalise your soul as you watch the moonlight dance across Lobster Bay.

A different life awaits discovery here. A life that prioritises wellbeing and an intuitive balance with nature. A life where luxury is defined by a connection to yourself and your environment. Whether you come to find remedy in relaxation or to revel in the playground that is Lombok Island, Lobster Bay is your anchorage of calm.

Engage with the island’s traditional culture and discover a new perspective through the eyes of locals who have lived in harmony with the land for centuries. Allow your connection with island life to carry through to the every day and return home knowing your private paradise is waiting, whenever you need it.

An authentic, boutique escape that respects the purity of the land and the culture of its people, Lobster Bay Lombok offers a truly unique and immersive lifestyle and a sound investment opportunity in one of Indonesia’s most alluring regions.